Ethereum Miners Make More Money Than Bitcoin’s

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Ethereum miners are making more money than BTC miners over the past days, according to data provided by The Block.

In particular, miners who use their GPUs or ASIC devices to mine the second largest cryptocurrency in the market are making $77 million in daily revenue, compared to the $67 million reported by BTC miners.

Ethereum miners have been making more revenue than Bitcoin miners over the past few days.

It must be noted this is not the first time that this happens. As in recent months, February and April, posted higher revenue than Bitcoin miners.

It looks like the difference between BTC and ETH revenue is due to the recent increase in the price of Ether, that has recent surpassed it’s all-time high and is now comfortably trading above $4,000. However, increasing transaction fees in the Ethereum network might be also behind the good revenue the crypto’s miners are making.

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