Chinese Authorities Order Miners in Qinghai to Cease Operations

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The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology of Qinghai has ordered local mining companies to cease all their operations.

The order, whose details will be unveiled on June 20, has banned existing and new mining operations. According to the order, anyone trying to keep its mining activity in this Chinese province will face legal actions.

However, according to Chinese journalist Colin Wu, the ban could be temporal, at least that is what he understands based on the wording used in the order. At the moment, all the energy used by local crypto miners comes from coal local power plants.

The ban is part of the implementation of the “Measures to Assess Energy Saving Investment Projects” that has been implemented by the National Commission for Reform and Development of China.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time a Chinese province takes actions against crypto mining, as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia have done the same recently.

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