MSI Rolls Out New Nvidia GPU for Crypto Mining

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Hardware manufacturer MSI has just launched a new Nvidia graphics card for cryptocurrency mining.

According to the announcement made by the company, the CMP 50HX MINER GPU is the 3 most powerful GPU of Nvidia’s graphics cards specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining.

The specifications of the card are the following:

  • Boost Clock / Memory Speed
    1,545 MHz / 14 Gbps
  • 10GB GDDR6 320-bit

MSI has reported that that GPU, which has a PCI Express 1.0 x4 interface, is based on GPU TU102 and has a total of 3,584 CUDA cores. It has a base operating frequency of 1,350 MHz, however, it can reach 1,545 in turbo mode with an official power consumption of 225 watts.

Due to the fact that this GPU has been designed for cryptocurrency mining and not for gaming, it does not have video outputs. Instead, it features an open space to help release the hot air.

MSI claims users will be able to reach a hashrate of 45 MH/s in Ether mining. However, users interested in buying this card and enjoy that decent hashrate will have to wait, as MSI has not yet disclosed the official price of the device.

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