FTX Unveils NFT Marketplace Focused On Sports & Entertainment

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FTX.US, operator of Dolphin Entertainment and a bitcoin exchange, has just announced it is creating an NFT marketplace aimed at promoting sports and entertainment brands.

According to the company, the platform will be focused on film, tv, music, gaming, esports, cooking, lifestyle, and philanthropy.

We should take into account that the The Dolphin Entertainment conglomerate includes several PR agencies such as 42West, Shore Fire Media, The Door, BHI, Be Social and Viewpoint Creative.

Brett Harrison, president of FTX.US, said:

“We are interested in working with Dolphin because of their ability to provide access to content and intellectual property rights and their position in every major entertainment vertical.”

According to the agreement, Dolphin will take care of branding, production and marketing, while FTX will be responsible for the technical aspects.

The marketplace is aimed at connecting the product and the user’s wallet. As a result, users will be able to pay with cryptos and fiat using payment cards.

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