$69,000 CryptoPunk Sold for Less Than a Cent Due to an Error

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A CryptoPunk non-fungible token (NFT) with an estimated value of about $69,000 has mistakenly been sold for less than a cent, The Block has reported.

We should remember that CryptoPunks are a collection of 10,000 NFTs of pixelated faces, including humans, apes and zombies.

The CryptoPunk that has been mistakenly been sold for such a low amount is the CryptoPunk 3860, which represents a male Punk with a cigarette, big sunglasses, a beard and a mohawk. The last time it was sold was in July 29, when someone paid almost $70,000 for it.

Jonathan Clark, co-founder of DeFi platform Float Capital, has said that the owner of the CryptoPunk wanted to sell the asset for under a cent in a whitelisted sale, however, he mistakenly put it for sale publicly. As a result, someone quickly bought it for a ridiculous amount.

The buyer knew he was buying the CryptoPunk at a very low price, so in order to make sure his transaction was quickly picked by miners he spent 22 ETH ($57,000) to bribe an Ethereum miner to prioritize the inclusion of the transaction in a block.

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