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Press release: Coreto tackles the problem of trust in the cryptocurrency industry by providing a reputation-based social platform that bridges the trust gap between blockchain investors, influencers, and project teams.

They want to help people learn how to navigate this space and are keen to demonstrate enhanced confidence, stability, and security. Using Coreto, you will gain a better knowledge of the next credible source of information.

Coreto’s shift from $vCOR (virtual COR Token) to $COR (the real COR Token) is nearly complete; the $vCOR token has been included into the platform’s Alpha version, allowing users to become more acquainted with the platform and how it operates. The virtual token was intended to help users become more aware of and comfortable with the use of the platform, without incurring the actual $COR.

It is now time to transition to the real token, bringing real utility and demand to the $COR Token.

Key Takeaways
  • Coreto creates a digital stage on which traders and influencers can demonstrate their expertise.
  • The platform also serves as a central hub for users to share new insights, build their reputation, communicate directly with their audience, and manage both their content and audience connections.
  • Sticking to their roadmap, Coreto is implementing the utility of $COR Token in the platform, opening the door for future use-cases of the token inside their ecosystem.
What is Coreto?

Coreto is a reputation-based social platform for crypto communities that links investors, influencers, projects, and project teams based on reputation. The primary goal of the platform is to create a secure environment with verified information, helping the retail investor take better informed decisions.

Staking of Opinion Pool (SOOP) is a feature that adds a layer of trust to the platform. Content providers use SOOP to stake the platform’s native $COR token and to validate the legitimacy of shared information. SOOP is defined by a combination between an opinion stack, pledges and challenges.

Coreto employs various technologies, including SOOPs, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Gamification, to save you time in your due diligence processes while rewarding people who make significant contributions to the community.

What does Coreto have to offer?

They have a simple and inventive ecosystem that allows more people to engage in the cryptocurrency field without worrying about technical details.

Machine Learning & Algorithms. While making trading decisions, users will have access to insights, analytics, statistics, and market trends.

Gamification. This component drives the competitive spirit while also making the learning process easier and more pleasurable. Based on a justified gamification system, the Coreto platform encourages interaction in a systematic and easy-to-navigate manner.

Direct access to experts. Coreto provides an approachable method for connecting privately or publicly with professionals in all crypto domains. As a user’s reputation grows, the platform will enable him to create subscription-based content, giving him the option to monetize his knowledge.

DeFi-enabled. Coreto will not only incorporate various DeFi capabilities such as staking, but they will also enable direct, trustworthy pool raises and other morsels that enhance DeFi.

High Security. The platform has strong data encryption, privacy, and blockchain-based data correctness.

Upcoming updates

Coreto had a fantastic idea since they were launched on the market – their Staking of Opinion Pool.

With SOOP, every content provider who endorses a unique project or executes a price movement analysis and forecast will be able to back up their analysis and ROI predictions by contributing $COR to the Stacking of Opinion Pool formed for that specific project.

The project received a lot of good feedback from the earlier stages. At the moment, they have around 1,300 active users that are using their Closed Alpha release.

The current partnership with IntoTheBlock for on-chain data insights and token information was strategic. Another focus of the Coreto platform is to provide valuable on-chain indicators that allow you to quickly analyze the market while generating predictions utilizing the Staking of Opinion Pool.

The team also provides valuable on-chain indicators that you may use to understand the market better when creating a prediction through SOOPs. You can now find critical data from within the Coreto platform. Other platform insights include on-chain signals, exchange signals, price correlation with Bitcoin, concentration by major holders, and much more.

This data will allow you and your followers to get an overview of the market’s current state and how it is evolving on each SOOP prediction page.

The next significant update will incorporate the use of the actual token within the platform by providing functionality to the $COR Token, which will replace the $vCOR (virtual COR). This will allow users to win tokens by making successful SOOPs.

Apart from implementing the first use-case of the $COR Token inside the platform, a new feature is planned for content creators: A dedicated section for creating articles regarding the state of the crypto market or certain projects.

The team constantly updates their news feed and uploads social updates to keep their readers up to date, which is a clear indication of the fact that they continuously deliver on their development promises.

What is next?

In terms of development, the Coreto platform already passed the Alpha Launch stage, where they revealed Coreto’s potential of emerging a new generation of content creators.

At the moment, they are in Alpha testing 02, where they are concentrated on internal fine-tuning and testing the Performance and Trust algorithms. The third phase of the platform will be Open Beta Testing, focusing on external testing to allow users to access and experience Coreto’s benefits.

The final step will be the grand opening, which will focus on UX and scalability and will be ready to onboard thousands of people. Users can trade $COR Token on Uniswap, Probit, Bilaxy, and Dfyn Networks (on Polygon Layer 2).

Coreto is more than a social platform; they are going into the category of elite crypto communities; its personality is founded on a straightforward, friendly, loyal, confident, and captivating vision.

They always deliver on their promises, are honest and authentic with their customers, and cultivate customer loyalty. The team is willing to listen and help its members discover solutions.

Many believe Coreto to become the go-to platform in terms of DYOR (doing your own research), having huge potential to be the onboarding ramp for retail investors looking to enter the crypto industry.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot on the whitelist and sign up to test and use their Alpha Release.

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