Coinchange Launches Early Access to High Yield Account

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PRESS RELEASE. Toronto, ON: Coinchange, a fast-growing DeFi platform, announced today the Early Access launch of their High Yield Account, which allows users to earn passive income on their deposited crypto.

The High Yield Account generates earnings for users by funding liquidity pools. dApps charge fees for every exchange made using those pools, which Coinchange collects and returns as yield. The fees have potential to add up quickly – users could earn up to a 25% annual return on their deposited crypto.

The Early Access phase will be a period of fast-paced feature additions to the platform. At time of launch, Coinchange accepts deposits of USD, USDC and USDT into High Yield Accounts. Their roadmap includes BTC and ETH, as well as improvements designed to increase yield, enhance security, and boost usability.

Coinchange CEO Maxim Galash spoke about the company’s commitment to demystifying DeFi and helping a wider market understand the benefits of decentralized finance during this Early Access phase.

“We have two goals at Coinchange. The first goal is to make sure our customers earn money. The second is to be the highest-yield, easiest to use DeFi platform in the world. Since we are already succeeding at the first goal, we want to open the platform up for users while we start on our path toward achieving the second.”

Maxim added that Coinchange’s automated strategies maximize returns while minimizing risk. “Our customers can worry less about their deposited crypto and more about what they are planning to spend their returns on,” he said. “My suggestion? More crypto!”

Coinchange announced in June that it is offering 0% fees on trades between BTCETHUSDT and USDC for Early Access users, so customers can cheaply buy and exchange crypto to deposit into their High Yield Accounts.

“It’s an exciting time to become a Coinchange user,” Coinchange CMO Peter Valin said. “We invite you to join the Early Access period and start earning yield while making your voice heard about what comes next for the platform. Feature requests, roadmap feedback and exclusive chats with our leadership team are some of the benefits that Early Access users will see.”

About Coinchange

Founded in 2018, Coinchange Financials Inc. has since become a rapidly-growing digital asset platform. The company is licensed and regulated in Canada and accepted in 33 states in the US.

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