A DEX P2P Options Platform for Everyone: delta.theta

Press releases
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PRESS RELEASE. Delta.theta – a DEX options platform – has been growing strongly since its launch in May: raising nearly $2 million, gathering key partnerships, and launching ETH and BSC mainnets are just a few examples of what the team achieved in less than two months.

Advanced strategies that are available for farmers and traders who can finally work with liquidity directly on a fully functional platform on both Ethereum and BSC chains.

The project brings derivatives into the cryptocurrency realm and successfully launched a DEX P2P options platform. Options in the crypto market are the so-called underdogs and aren’t that popular with volumes of less than 1% comparing to the total volume traded. The only viable centralized competitor is Deribit, which is covering 80% to 90% of the whole options market volume in crypto.

The other side of the situation is DEX approach to options. The incompatibility between AMMs/LPs and options makes it difficult to come up with a platform that meets market needs. Delta.theta is here to provide every user with direct access to an order book and the liquidity of all other participants. This approach allows users to create new options markets for volatile and risky assets versus a stable coin – an impossible actions for LP based options.

Future Plans

Within the first month since the first mainnet launch, delta.theta DEX options platform is operational on BSC and Ethereum mainnets. Since the release, the team managed to incorporate two premium asset listings in just a few weeks: $DAO and $HAPI.

Both listings are just the beginning of a market expansion. The team welcomes any project teams on ETH, BSC, and Polygon networks for a free listing on delta.theta options DEX.

Yep, you heard it correctly! delta.theta is launching Polygon terminal in the coming days – on 23rd of August. This will allow even more users to utilize the undoubtable benefits of options compared to spot trading. “We’ve decided to expand to Polygon because the network seems to be developing at a skyrocketing speed. The mission of delta.theta is, and always will be, to provide direct and undoubted access to market liquidity for every user… Also, we’re in close touch with the Polygon team, ready to present even more opportunities and benefits to the Polygon network in general!” – said Danil Zatologin, CEO of delta.theta.

Finally, delta.theta platform v2 release, which is expected in September 2021, will grant access to wrapped assets options for any asset type. Right from wallets and without any custody, people would be able to trade options on the most popular stocks, fossil fuels, indices, and other asset types.

Innovative features you don’t want to miss out

Two delta.theta terminals:

  • LITE terminal: Specially designed for farmers. Easy to understand and user-friendly interface for casual users;
  • PRO terminal: Simple and classic options platform for traders, with the familiar interface and all the features of DEX platform.

Successful projects have shown that the key to creating a prosperous platform is to integrate a native token with a strong product. Delta.theta’s token, DLTA, has an essential utility on the platform as it lavishes users with a number of benefits as well as extended platform functions. The project itself is an ecosystem, which solves two of the market’s biggest problems, incorporates the greatest benefits of a centralized exchange within a decentralized platform that is supported by the DLTA token. This token is designed to be the only native token on the platform, which has been created for people without the involvement of Venture Capital funds in the initial fundraising.

The ingenious LIP (Liquidity Incentivisation Program) gives users even more opportunities to manage their assets effectively. LIP is a cross-protocol solution to re-purpose the coverage funds to Venus or Compound and get additional income from lending, giving even more room for the execution of advanced strategies.

The asset listing is remarkably fast – the architecture of the platform allows to list new pairs in a matter of 1 hour.