Former US Soldier Will Conduct a Security Audit on Nym

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Chelsea Manning, a former US soldier who was imprisoned in the US for nearly seven years for leaking documentation from military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the targeting of civilians, before being pardoned by Barack Obama, will conduct an audit of the security and privacy of Nym’s code.

What is Nym? Nym is an open-source, decentralized, permissionless and incentivized system providing full-stack privacy.

Manning, who will audit the privacy and security of the project, whose network will hit mainnet before the year ends, will audit different aspects of the code, going beyond the cryptography and cryptographic bugs other auditors usually focus on.

Harry Halpin, CEO of Nym, said:

“While trusting software with their money is one thing people are learning to do with Bitcoin and DeFi, brave whistleblowers and revolutionaries like Chelsea Manning have to trust software with their lives. So rather than ‘YOLO’ and launch as only to wreck their users, we’re working with the best people alive to keep our users safe and secure. While all software has bugs, people that launch software that endangers their users or doesn’t even work are scammers that could even have blood on their hands.”

Chelsea Manning said:

“As methods for network traffic analysis have dramatically improved in the last decade, I have frequently called for research (since 2016) into alternative methods to Tor that avoid exposing the data within the network to such analysis. Nym is one such viable alternative worthy of research, and developmental implementation.”

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