User Spends 0.1 ETH on NFT and Earns 290 Times More

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Twitter user Alex Reyes has sold the resulting NFT for 29 ETH (more than $93,000).

He has said he has been interested in cryptos since 2019 and earned some Ether on various entertainment projects.

Since 2019, Reyes has bought around 11 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including a non-fungible token from the Blitmap collection created by artist dhof and company.

Dhof has recently held a raffle for Blitmap holders, and has given away the NFT of their new project. Alex Reyes was among the winners and received one of 16 copies of the Pluto’s Quill token.

He then put the token up for sale and on August 29 it was by a user under the nickname zoink.

As a result, he multiplied his investment by 290 times. Alex Reyes says he will spend the money to pay off a loan.

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