British Boy Makes $400K Selling NFTs

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Benyamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old boy from London, has made almost $400,000 (290,000 pounds) selling non-fungible tokens during this school vacations.

According to, he made money online without even “having a bank account.”

The boy’s artwork apparently became viral on Twitter, which allowed him to sell online his NFTs of whale emojis branded as Weird Whales.

We should take into account these are not the first NFTs he sold, as he had tokenized a Minecraft-inspired art set, however, he did not manage to sell them.

Benyamin Ahmed’s dad taught him and his brother to code since he was just 6. He said:

“Benyasim is highly creative, has no bank account and no accountant, therefore, he keeps his money in an online blockchain.”

Benyamin Ahmed’s dad has added that all the profit has been converted to Ether.

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