Vitalik Buterin Says He Made a Mistake When Choosing Ethereum Co-founders

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Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has said in an AMA session on Twitter that one of his biggest mistakes was his choice of the 8 co-founders of the cryptocurrency.

In response to a user who asked him what he regrets most about his work with Ethereum, he replied:

“The whole ‘8 cofounders’ thing (and choosing them so quickly and nondiscriminately).”

These “co-founders” are poker coach Mihai Alicie, Canadian entrepreneur Anthony Di Iorio, programmer Jeffrey Wilke, Coloured Coins co-founder Amir Chetrit, ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood, who heads Polkadot. Buterin added:

“Coordinating people in small groups was more difficult than I expected. You can’t just force everyone to sit in a circle, show kindness to each other and get along, especially when there’s an obvious conflict of incentives.”

The Ethereum co-founder has also said the decision to choose a 256-bit EVM was wrong. According to him, the “computer should have been 64-bit with arbitrary-sized bigint functionality. Even more respectful of purity, somehow.”

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