37% of Texans Support Bitcoin Legalization in El Salvador

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The legalization of Bitcoin in El Salvador as legal tender has set a dangerous precedent, according to the World Bank. The financial institution has repeatedly criticized the bill passed by the country’s parliament in early June.

The bank fears other states or regions may follow the example of El Salvador and recognize BTC as a legal tender. Newsweek surveyed residents of Texas and found that 37% of them support the decision of the authorities of the Latin American country.

More than 9,700 state voting residents participated in the poll. Accordingly, they can vote to change legislation and recognize cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Texas is home to approximately 29 million US citizens, so more than 10 million of them, according to the survey, can support the implementation of a regulatory framework for digital assets.

42% of those surveyed said they would support the local legalization of the crypto sphere, following the example of the US state of Wyoming.

Texas may soon become one of the centers of the blockchain industry in the United States.

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