An Unknown User Sends 9,916 ETH From WEX’s Wallet to New Address

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An unidentified user yesterday sent all the funds (9,916 ETH or more than $30 million) from the wallet of crypto exchange WEX to a new address.

The transaction has not yet been confirmed.

Apparently, the user has paid 20 Gwei as gas to send the transaction, while the current recommended amount for this transaction is up to 84 Gwei, which is the reason why this has not yet been processed by the miners.

As for the commission, it amounts to only 0.00042 ETH ($1.27).

Sergey Mendeleev, CEO of Indefibank, has said:

“The fact that the transaction was sent giving only 20 Gwei probably indicates this was made by a person who does not have much knowledge about cryptocurrencies. For example, a random person who knows the private key of the wallet.”

The police detained former WEX owner Dmitry Vasiliev at the request of Kazakhstan on August 11 at Warsaw airport. He was detained until today, September 21.

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