Aella and Gluwa Record More Than 1 Million Transactions Across Africa on Blockchain

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Aella, a consumer credit app created to empower unbanked and underbanked individuals in emerging markets, and Gluwa, a borderless financial platform based in San Francisco, have seen more than a million transactions recorded on blockchain since June.

Notably, all transactions performed on the Aella app were recorded on the Luniverse Sidechain.

Gluwa, which combines decentralized infrastructure and global investment opportunities to help users manage their financial affairs, and Aella, joined their respective wallets in June. 

Gluwa founder and CEO Tae Oh, said:

“To have reached this milestone so quickly is enormously gratifying for both the Gluwa team and, I’m sure, our counterparts at Aella. 1,000,000 transactions in less than three months is tremendously encouraging, and it highlights the broad benefits of an API integration that allows all transactions conducted through the Aella app.”

All transactions that take place in the Aella wallet are automatically added to Gluwa’s custom Luniverse sidechain, which has facilitated more than 1,000,000 transactions with over 28 million blocks produced.

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