Kawaii Islands Taps Polkastarter For Its KWT IDO On October 12

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Tortola, British Virgin Islands, September 27, 2021: Kawaii Islands, the Anime Metaverse gamifying DeFi mechanism, is pleased to announce its Initial Decentralised Offering (IDO) on Polkastarter. The token sale goes live on October 12, and users can start registering for the whitelisting process shortly.

Blockchain gaming with a play-to-earn model keeps gaining global momentum. Kawaii Islands is the first Anime Metaverse on a large scale to create a simulation world for players to immerse themselves into. Players can explore customization options, including crafting, decorating homes, styling their characters, and engaging in social networking. There are many possibilities for customization, with more to come in the future.

Kawaii Islands is not your average NFT-oriented blockchain game either. The Alpha version of this game uses a temporary AIRI token – courtesy of Marketplace partner aiRight – to help balance the overall economy. Following the beta release in October 2021, the native KWT token will become the main currency. However, all assets from the Alpha version will be preserved in the beta, ensuring players do not lose progress.

The KWT Token is a crucial asset for Kawaii Islands. It can be used for governance but also serves numerous other purposes. Players earn rewards in KWT which they can use to pay in-game fees. Moreover, completing Delivery Orders through the Leaderboard, or selling and staking items, will earn more KWT. Those KWT tokens are also used to craft and buy items, skip waiting times, or participate in events.

The Kawaii Islands team will sell the KWT token through its Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) on Polkastarter come October 12, 2021. Tokens will be listed at $0.03, and the total supply is 1 billion KWT. Further tokenomcis details can be found here.

Polkastarter enables projects to raise capital in a decentralised, permissionless and interoperable environment and is also a backer of the Kawaii Islands project. In addition, the team will unveil more information on the IDO whitelisting process through Kawaii Island’s official social channels.¬†

Earlier, the Kawaii Islands team successfully sold out two presale events for 2,100 Starter Packs of game item NFTs. Additionally, the team secured $2.4 million in private funding from numerous prominent crypto and blockchain investors, including MapleBlock, Signum, AU21, SkyVision Capital, Master Venture, Polkastarter, Polygon, and others. The financial support and industry expertise allow Kawaii Islands to connect other anime games into a full-fledged anime metaverse.

As a joint venture between Imba Games Studio and Oraichain, Kawaii Islands aims to balance gaming and blockchain development. The NFT-oriented play-to-earn business model ensures everyone can access the game and enjoy their time without having to make steep upfront investments.

About Kawaii Islands

Kawaii Islands is a collaboration between Imba Games Studio, a leading game development studio with over 14 million customers from more than 6 years of game development experience and a new strategic partner Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered data oracle and ecosystem for blockchains. Kawaii Islands is a NFT play-to-earn game that creates a fantasy universe on the cloud for multi players to experience a whole set of simulation gaming including designing, building, crafting, farming and social networking. With exclusive NFTs Marketplace on aiRight, Kawaii Islands aims to create a space where players can earn profits while playing games.

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