Side Eyeing Chloe Meme is Sold as an NFT for 25 ETH

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The popular Chloe meme depicting a two-year-old girl has been sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) for 25 ETH – about $74,000 when the transaction was completed.

The buyer was the Dubai-based music company 3F Music. Chloe’s mum plans to spend the proceeds on the education of her daughters, and Chloe herself wants to buy a horse or “build a Disneyland,” the BBC reports.

The family will keep the funds in Ethereum hoping the price of the asset will increase in the future.

Chloe became popular in 2013 after posting a video in which she reacts perplexedly to the news of a trip to Disneyland while her older sister Lily cries. The video received more than 20 million likes.

We should remember that in March 2021, 3F Music bought the “Disaster Girl” meme for 180 ETH (almost $500,000).

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