Decentralized Blockchain Interoperability Solution Wanchain Integrates with Polkadot

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Wanchain, a solution which connects all isolated public and private blockchains to allow flow of the world’s digital assets and data, has recently announced it has given a step forward on its development by integrating with Polkadot, a sharded heterogeneous multichain architecture created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood and one of the most popular blockchain projects in the world.

Now, developers on the Ethereum, Wanchain, Moonriver and Avalanche blockchains can build decentralized blockchain applications using $DOT, Polkadot’s native token, which by the way is the 10 largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

The integration also allows $DOT to be traded cross-chain and used with EVM-compatible smart contracts.

Li Ni, Wanchain VP of Business Development and Operations, states:

“We firmly believe that blockchain technology will only gain mainstream adoption once assets, data, commands and users are no longer isolated on a single chain or constrained by a single standard. Last month, Wanchain deployed crosschain bridges connecting Moonriver and Avalanche to the larger crosschain DeFi industry. Now, Wanchain is connecting Polkadot to the rest of the blockchain world.”

Apparently, the next step in the development of blockchains in general is crosschain interoperability of assets, data and smart contract calls. For this reason, Wanchain’s integration with Polkadot should receive a warm welcome by the crypto community.

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