Splinterlands Launches Scalper Protection With New Card Release

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Splinterlands,  a trading card game built using blockchain technology that enables users to play anytime, trade anytime, and earn every win, has just announced a new scalper and bot protection mechanism called VOUCHER.

According to the press release shared by the company, the VOUCHER mechanism allows Splinterlands to fight bots and scalpers. The game wants to make sure that all players from all over the world have fair access to expansion card packs Chaos Legion.

It is worth mentioning that instead of selling the packs altogether unrestricted and leaving them to be bought in bulk by few people, the Splinterlands team has rolled out a new VOUCHER token. Now, every card pack that is bought will require spending the $4 as well as one such VOUCHER token. In addition, users must be aware of the fact that the only way to purchase VOUCHER is by playing the game and staking the SPS currency. As a result, the cards end up in the hands of those players who actually get involved with the game, avoiding this way bots and scalpers.

The Chaos Legion pack is the most recent expansion for Splinterlands. As part of it, 1 million packs, priced at $4 each, are now on sale. The Chaos Legion pre-sale lasts for a month, while the initial interest received over the first 24 hours highlights how excited players are with the expansion pack. 

At the moment, 33,333.33 VOUCHER tokens are minted daily throughout the 30-day pre-sale period, resulting the previously-mentioned 1 million VOUCHER tokens in total.

It is worth mentioning that the whole purchasing process is being monitored by Splinterlands in order to ensure that everyone has equal and fair access to Chaos Legion packs through this method. In addition, we must take into account that the VOUCHERS fosters community members to stake SPS for the long term because the asset will play a very important role in sales, promotions and rewards in the game.

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