Jonas Schnelli Leaves Bitcoin Core Development Team

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Jonas Schnelli, one of the main developers of the Bitcoin Core client, has decided to leave the project due to a change in priorities and increased legal risks associated with writing code for the leading cryptocurrency. 

He has stressed new members should join the initiative anonymously. He has said:

“You may ask, why step down now? What happened? Sometimes, interests shift and you can’t do much about it. On top, I feel that the legal risks for Bitcoin developers are increasing year by year (which can be stressful).”

He believes that over the past few years, many “experienced and high skilled” developers have joined the Bitcoin Core team, so the client is “in the best hands possible.”

Schnelli has stressed he is not looking forward to a new position or project. He is going to take a few months off. At the same time, he will remain an active member of the crypto community. He has said:

“I will hang around here and will continue to tweet interesting Bitcoin insights (and will not stop to criticize the loud bullies).”

Schnelli joined the Bitcoin Core team back in 2013 and started working full-time on it in 2015.

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