SubQuery Adds Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Functionality After Integrating with Moonbeam and Moonriver

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SubQuery, a data aggregation layer that operates between the layer-1 blockchains (Moonriver and Polkadot) and dApps, has announced its services are now supported by Moonbeam’s and Moonriver’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), resulting in Polkadot and Ethereum devs to be able to integrate both Substrate and EVM data into a single place and query this single datasource using GraphQL.

Thanks to SubQuery’s innovation, a single tool can now be used to query and filter EVM logs and transactions apart from Substrate data sources. How? SubQuery basically uses more advanced filters than other indexers from the competition, allowing this way users to filter non-contract transactions, transaction senders, contracts and indexed log arguments. As a result, developers can build a wide range of projects that cater to their specific data needs.

Sam Zou, the founder and CEO of SubQuery, explained: 

“While SubQuery is already serving millions of data queries each day to over 60 projects on Polkadot & Kusama, we are convinced that the web3 revolution needs more open-source and cross-chain solutions. Unlocking the wealth of data in the Ethereum ecosystem is a great step forward to fulfill the potential of parachains and the next generation of dApps. Moonbeam is a prime example of a leading parachain where we can offer a familiar, consistent experience and developer tools across multiple ecosystems.”

SubQuery has reported that next week it will share documentation as well as more details of how the integration works.

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