Kazakhstan Authorities Want to Solve the Problem of Underground Mining

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After the ban on crypto mining in China, the share of other countries in the Bitcoin hashrate has sharply increased. Kazakhstan is on the list of the largest BTC miners after the US.

However, the problem of underground crypto mining has become aggravated in the country. Residents of Kazakhstan illegally connect their mining devices to power grids and prefer not to pay for electricity and secretly mine Bitcoins.

The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has drawn attention to this problem. He has taken part in a meeting on the development of the energy industry and heard a report on the increase in the scale of activities of citizens and companies involved in mining.

According to the president, the authorities and power engineers must reduce the volume of electricity theft. To this end, it is necessary to develop a plan to combat violators.

The head of state also called for the creation of conditions that will stimulate miners to come out of the shadows.

The authorities hope that mining companies will pay taxes if they are given the opportunity to legally work in the country, consume and pay for electricity at special rates.

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