MIXMOB, a Play-to-Earn Game Powered by Solana, Developed by Veterans From FIFA, PokerStars, Halo, Nintendo & More

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Vancouver, Canada, November 25, 2021: The 10,000 masks based on remix culture will drop on December 2, 2021, and are a core component of the upcoming MIXMOB game built by veterans from FIFA, PokerStars, Halo, Nintendo and more.

MIXMOB, the play-to-earn game powered by Solana, is releasing their highly designed 10,000 masks for sale starting on December 2, 2021. The masks are a mutable NFT that evolves as players level upon their journey through the MIXMOB game universe. These masks were designed by Juan Arenas, MIXMOB’s Art Director, and Mr. Kone. Both have collaborated with Nike, NBA, Xbox, Disney, Adidas and more.

MIXMOB is set in a universe where a mysterious A.I. deletes the world’s culture and locks away their prized NFTs in an impenetrable vault, enslaving humanity with an army of bots and a mysterious energy field that wipes their memories. Players are part of a creative resistance group that escaped underground into the Subdomains. Their mission: to regroup, fight back, and rechain culture!

To play MIXMOB, you need a mask, which is a player’s unique identity in the game. Anonymous, yet accountable. The masks are generated from around 200+ individual components and include 2D, 3D, sketches, stickers, candy, pop culture, art, music, science. The mask’s key features are:

  • 8 mask components – ears, eyes, nose, mouth, accessory, face, body, and background.
  • 5 animal factions – pig, cat, dog, bull, ape.
  • 4 rarity categories – mix n match, random matter, gold, and a surprise category.
  • Membership to the MIXMOB DAO.
  • Early access to the game much before it launches.
  • Exclusive airdrops and rewards.
  • Status in the game for being there from the beginning.

MIXMOB is a metaverse broken down into two phases. The first phase is a card strategy battle game where players compete, trade, and remix for NFTs and other rewards. The second phase is an MMO battle royale game where your mask and avatar go to a 3D world.

“MIXMOB is Axie meets Fortnite. This is all about flexing avatar fame. Players can create their own NFT content by adding their designs to their avatar and into the marketplace for other players to purchase. It’s a constant state of remix culture.” – Simon Vieira, CEO and Game Producer for MIXMOB.

MIXMOB is developed by an all-star game development team. This team has worked on FIFA, Halo, Battlefield, PokerStars, Nintendo, Xbox and more. It’s backed by prominent crypto investors including, SolanaDeFiance Capital, Merit Circle, Oliver Blakey, Darren and Darryl Lau and others.

Website: http://mixmob.io.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mixmob

Media kit: https://bit.ly/mixmob_media_kit

Contact: hello@mixmob.io



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