Blockademia Announces Partnership With Mercuri International Croatia

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ZAGREB, CROATIA, November 30, 2021: Blockademia, the Cardano-based platform for issuing and verifying documents, has announced its partnership with Mercuri International Croatia, a sales consultancy and coaching leader.

The Croatian branch of the sales-centric firm is partnering with Blockademia to issue original and verified documents and certifications for their programs and courses. This will give participants of Mercuri programs a perpetual and unfalsifiable proof of the results achieved during the courses, utilizing the power of the Cardano blockchain.

Blackademia was born to develop an innovative method of issuing and verifying documents and certificates, especially targeted for educational institutions and universities, though usable by everyone.

Blockademia uses a two-layer storage system, generating a unique hash for each document that contains relevant metadata for the document. This hash is then submitted to the Cardano blockchain.

Customers only need to insert the data of the document they want to issue on Blockamedia’s GUI and, after the blockchain entry is processed, the issuer will receive a QR code to access the verified and authenticated file.

The user friendliness and untamperability of Blockamedia’s blockchain-based certification, involving a decentralized network to ensure transparency and verification when issuing certificates and valuable documents, will streamline Mercuri International’s operations. The Blockademia proving system will also offer an enticing benefit to certificate holders, who will always be able to prove their past achievements.

Mercuri International was founded in 1960 with the mission of leading organizations to revolutionize their marketing and sales strategies by providing various courses and programs.

“Mercuri International students are our potential users of the Blockademia system,” said Goran Tezak, President of Blockademia. “They are mostly directors or owners of companies, which further opens the door for them to decide to introduce even greater transparency in their business.”

“We monitor new trends and technologies every day and accordingly direct our education on how our customers can be as competitive and improved in their work. By using the Blockademia application we will further improve the process of authenticity and verification of certificates,” added Sead Altić, Country Manager at Mercuri International Croatia.

About Blockademia
Blockademia is a Croatian startup that aims to digitize and secure important documents worldwide, ensuring no document fraud is possible thanks to the flexibility and power of Cardano’s blockchain technology. The 20+ strong team brings strong experience from IT and blockchain backgrounds, while experts in economics, legal and marketing complete the startup.

About Mercuri International
Mercuri International Group operates as a sales consulting and result improvement company. The Company provides training and coaching solutions to industries as diverse as information technology, telecommunication, retail, financial, logistics, manufacturing, engineering, construction, health care, and pharmaceutics, located worldwide.



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