Synapse Network Teams Up with Constellation

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Investment ecosystem Synapse Network and Constellation Network, a blockchain ecosystem that bridges crypto economies with traditional businesses, have announced they have entered into a partnership.

Per the announcement made by the companies, the collaboration is just the beginning of a successful relationship aimed at expanding equal opportunity fundraising for projects based on smart contracts.

Synapse and Constellation Network will use the Lattice Exchange DeFi platform to allow crypto users discover, access and support early-stage crypto companies before their token is listed on popular crypto exchanges. They will be able to do so without the need to own large amounts of cryptos, which was a requirement until now.

Constellation COO and Co-founder Mathias Goldmann explains:

“Constellation is building an ecosystem of inter-connected blockchain products that can be used by anyone in the industry with ease. Following similar interests, Synapse has garnered incredible traction and community around their multi-chain platform and services that lower the threshold for entry into the industry.”

Synapse welcomes individuals into projects during phases that have been traditionally reserved for big corporations or collaborators.

Synapse Founder and Co-CEO Paweł Łaskarzewski said on the partnership:

“Working with Constellation is another milestone achieved for the Network, and I’m sure that we’re going to create amazing things together.”

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