83% of US Millennial Millionaires Own Cryptos

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According to a poll conducted by the CNBC, in the US, 83% of Gen Y or Millennial millionaires have invested in cryptocurrencies. Of these, 48% plan to buy even more digital assets in 2022.

Only 6% expect their crypto holdings to decline in the future. 53% of the participants in the survey have more than half of their wealth in digital assets, and one in three has more than 75%.

Young millionaires believe inflation is the most serious problem – it worried 43% of respondents. At the same time, 59% think the government will be able to cope with the problem.

CNBC Wealth editor Robert Frank has said wealthy people perceive the threat of inflation in a slightly different way than most of the population. If ordinary people are afraid of rising prices, then millionaires are worried about a possible increase in interest rates that might affect their investments.

We should remember that 26% of the total number of investors in the US already own Bitcoin, according to a survey carried out by Grayscale Investments.

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