Christmas Welcome Giveaways, “Axie players” Exclusive Benefits

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Geneva, Switzerland, December 21, 2021: The WINNFT HORSE team has announced exclusive benefits for “Axie players”, with Christmas 2021 is approaching, in this time of welcoming the new and resigning the old.

As long as you are an Axie player, you are eligible to participate in this activity, and you can get great activity rewards!

Event Rules

Event Registration opens on December 19, 2021

Event Participation Eligibility:

Axie players can participate in the campaign by meeting the following conditions:

Have 3 months of Axie market transaction records before

The current number of Axie pets ≥ 3

Current pet level ≥ 20

Event registration: go to google forms to sign up:

Instructions for submitting information: WIN NFT HORSE Market Account(register website:, Tronlink Wallet address(register website:

The first round of whitelists will be announced on December 25. Therefore, players who signed up after December 25 will have to wait for the second round of benefits.

Mystery box purchase time: From 2021 December 25 to 2022 January 3,4:00 AM(UTC), go to the market by mystery boxes and participate in welfare activities.

Note: The Mystery box is sold at a uniform price of 8000TRX, upgrade to VIP10 to get another horse racing mystery box*1 (expected 2 horse racing cost <700u, daily earnings>20u, current horse racing market price reference

Exclusive welfare events.

As of 4:00 AM(UTC) on January 3, the highest level of any of your horses is higher than the level in the table below, you can get the corresponding in-game HOS coins reward, and it can be accumulated.

As of 4:00 AM(UTC) on January 3, you can get the corresponding reward for the highest VIP level in the game, and it can be accumulated. For example, if you reach VIP level 50, you can get all VIP level rewards.

*Open the mystery box, and you will get a horse*1, open other different mystery boxes and you will get a racehorse with the corresponding pedigree level.

Reward distribution time.

The rewards will be issued according to your horse racing level and VIP level. All rewards will be issued to your game account and corresponding wallet within January 4,2022 – January 9,2022.

Note: If your game account has already obtained a horse before December 25,2021, you are not eligible to participate in the event.

Learn more (ask the administrator in the group)



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