Hackers Steal More Than 8 Million VISR Tokens From DeFi Protocol Visor

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Decentralized finance protocol Visor has fallen victim to a re-entry attack and has lost over 8.8 million VISR tokens, as reported by journalist Colin Wu and blockchain security company PeckShield Inc.

According to Wu, the hackers sold the withdrawn tokens to Uniswap. In the process of obfuscating the tracks, they used the popular mixer Tornado Cash.

Visor representatives have confirmed the attack. According to them, the exploit affected the vVISR staking contract.

The team behind the project is developing a plan for the migration of VISR tokens and refunds. It will be based on a snapshot of the data that was taken before the attack.

Cream Finance, another DeFi protocol, was attacked three times this year. In February, an unknown attacker exploited a vulnerability in Iron Bank and stole $37.5 million in tokens.

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