Malaysian Police Catches Criminal Group Mining Crypto Illegally

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The police in Manjung District, southwestern Perak, Malaysia, in collaboration with the international electricity company (TNB) and the fire and rescue station, has carried out a large-scale operation to fight electricity theft.

During the operation, 1,720 crypto mining devices have been seized from illegal crypto miners.

Active complaints from local residents about the very frequent power outages prompted the police to check private premises to detect the origin of the outages.

So, in a fairly short period of time, the regulatory authorities checked 75 buildings, in 30 of which they found hardware to mine Bitcoin illegally.

In addition to 1,720 devices for mining Bitcoin, a car, exhaust fans, CCTV cameras and security alarm equipment were also seized.

Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, Chief of Police for Manjung County, said:

“The theft of electricity has resulted in the loss of RM2 million ($479,730) to TNB.”

The police has been unable to establish who is the instigator in this case, because it is not difficult to assume this criminal group obviously includes more than the person that has been arrested.

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