Nitro League Shifts Gears With New NFT Marketplace And Virtual Garage Launch

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Dubai, UAE, 14th January, 2022,

Nitro League continues to push forward on the quest to make virtual racing enticing to a global audience. After numerous months of success, the team now turns its attention to the NFT space through a multi-pronged approach. 

Nitro League has noted tremendous success since its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Polkastarter. With a strong focus on blockchain gaming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Nitro league continues to gain traction across all platforms. Moreover, the team announced a new NFT marketplace, virtual garage and single track gameplay launch by March 2022. 

The virtual garage is a high-tech space for players to spend their time. It features robotic machinery and digital controls with a convenient user interface with exotic features. Players can upgrade their cars, showcase their collect NFTs, compete in mini-games, and engage with other users to be an active part of the Nitroverse community. 

Under the Nitro League banner, the new non-fungible token marketplace will enable players to buy, sell, and trade NFTs representing in-game items. These items will include engines, boosters, decals, tires, paint jobs, brakes, headlights, hoods, taillights, and much more. Every player can customize the look and feel of their virtual car as they see fit. Moreover, the marketplace will introduce new opportunities to raise the rarity of NFT assets. 

The focus on the NFT marketplace and virtual garage results from Nitro league collecting player feedback to improve and diversify the virtual racing world. Gamers can play, build, own, and monetize their digital assets earned by playing the game. The marketplace and virtual garage are the next steps in the evolution of Nitro League’s play-to-earn gaming model in the virtual racing metaverse. 

Within the Nitro League Metaverse – dubbed the Nitroverse – players gain access to a fully-functional futuristic racing game in a sandbox environment. Tokens are earned based on performance and skill. Additionally, players can adjust their performance through the in-game items and customization options in the garage. 

Furthermore, the Nitroverse merges eSports and cryptocurrency, two of the most prominent trends in the technology sector today. Gamers have complete ownership of their experience and earn RP tokens for participating in thrilling races and from owning unique NFT assets. NFTs in Nitro League can be leveled up, as higher rarity race cars provide better performance and help unlock better RP token rewards. 

The NFT marketplace will undergo continual upgrades to support a broader range of collectibles. For example, Nitro League dropped an initial collection through a partnership with Terra Virtua and is working on a second collection. The Nitro League team will communicate more details, including mint numbers, regarding this new drop through its official social channels.

The Nitro League team also established a partnership with DAFI Protocol and Polinate, culminating in the DAFI Protocol Nitro Car reveal. An upcoming Ntrio League vehicle racing game will be added to the metaverse. Polinate will grant access to pre-sales of the game and the DAFI vehicle through its Games and Guilts. 

The DAFI car provides an elegant style, high-end technology and has enough potential to dominate the competition in street races. In addition, it boasts a rapid acceleration and peak speed, two factors that are essential in the Nitro racing arena. 

About Nitro League

Nitro League is a decentralized play-to-earn racing game, bringing together great gameplay, token economies and the metaverse. Game is built by a team with 500M app store downloads, crypto projects and economies worth 3B+. All in-game assets and utilities are NFTs with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics.

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