METABLAZE Announces Phase One of Its Emerging Metaverse Ecosystem Roadmap with Token Presale

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Wilmington, Delaware, 17th January, 2022, Chainwire

METABLAZE has officially announced the upcoming Presale Offering of its unique BSC-based utility token, $MBLZ, which will begin on February 14, 2022. METABLAZE is an up-and-coming project with an emerging roadmap that is set to rock the cryptocurrency world. 


METABLAZE is a fast-growing decentralized finance (DeFi) gaming and NFT platform that combines some of the most popular aspects of blockchain and introduces users to the world of Web 3.0. The platform resides on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which ensures METABLAZE will provide a high-quality experience for its community members. 

METABLAZE’s primary goal is to provide its holders with numerous ways to passively earn cryptocurrency and add value to their portfolio. It does this through its native $MBLZ token and a mechanism that allows holders to passively accumulate additional METABLAZE tokens with every transaction. In addition, its decentralized application (BLAZEdApp) adds another mechanism that allows the user to choose any BSC-based token as their reward. The token also incorporates an automatic deflationary process that burns tokens with every transaction, gradually reducing the token supply and helping to stabilize its price value over time. 

The rewards-centric platform will feature an immersive play-to-earn RPG-based strategy game–BLAZIVERSE that provides additional ways to earn, spend, and passively generate additional tokens and in-game awards. The expansive project will be rolled out over the next several years, incrementally adding more utility and functionality for its users and token holders. 

Token Presale Phases 

The $MBLZ token has a total fixed supply of 420,000,000,000 tokens, 5% of which will be offered during the presale. Participants in the initial presale offering will receive a 20% discount on the $MBLZ token price, an additional 10% in bonus tokens, and Founders Club NFTs to anyone that contributes a minimum of $10,000 to the project. 

Following the initial presale, METABLAZE begin a second presale offering phase. Participants will be rewarded with a 5% token bonus in this phase. 

Tokens will be transferred via airdrop to presale participants BSC wallets, which will coincide with the end of the presale phases and adding liquidity to PancakeSwap. 


METABLAZE also incorporates one of the most popular Web 3.0 trends, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which will be usable in the BLAZIVERSE game, and will be minted on OpenSea for open trading. The presale period introduces a limited-edition collection centered around 10,000 goblins, and new mystical creatures will be released each quarter. 

To reward early contributors showing their confidence in the project, anyone that holds a highly exclusive Founders Club NFT will receive 10% of the royalties received for all secondary sales of METABLAZE NFTs sold on OpenSea, in perpetuity. 

Future Plans 

METABLAZE has a bright future ahead with ambitious plans. The development team is working on multiple initiatives that will provide more utility and accessibility for the community in both short-term and long-term goals. Upcoming features include listings on major centralized exchanges by year-end 2022, an NFT marketplace launching next year (2023), a deeply-immersive strategy game centered around a Metaverse of mystical creature NFTs, as well as their own blockchain: “BLAZECHAIN” offering never-before-seen utilities set to shake up the world of all things Metaverse. 

Core Team 

The METABLAZE project was developed around the core principles of honesty and transparency. With the prevalence of scams and failed projects, METABLAZE is dedicated to establishing a transparent and trustworthy project through constant communication and open records within its community. 

The METABLAZE management team consists of six members with over 90 years of combined experience in the Entrepreneurial, Fintech, Banking, Information Technology, Graphic Design, Project Management, Marketing, and Software Development sectors. 

The Future of DeFi and Web 3.0 

With a blazing hot roadmap ahead, the presale of the $MBLZ token is just the initial phase of a growing platform. METABLAZE plans on incorporating upcoming technology and features never seen before in cryptocurrency and blockchain. With continued development, METABLAZE aims to be the go-to ecosystem for all, regardless of experience or funds. 


METABLAZE is building a strong foundation to support and enhance the metaverse, creating new and exciting opportunities for people across the globe. METABLAZE’s platform will make it possible to construct a world that is anything you want it to be. METABLAZE’s robust roadmap will include P2E strategy-gaming, OpenSea minted NFTs, implementation of hologram NFT with real-world use cases and more.

For more information or to learn more about presale, visit the METABLAZE website or join the project’s Telegram  



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