Founder of DeFi Project Wonderland Allows it to Close

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Daniele Sestagalli, co-founder of DeFi project Wonderland, has announced he is ready to close it amid a serious split in the community.

At the end of January, it became known Michael Patryn was Sestagalli’s partner and treasury manager. Hiding under the pseudonym 0xSifu, the man is known as the co-founder of the bankrupt exchange QuadrigaCX. He was also previously convicted of financial crimes.

Due to outrage in the community, Sestagalli suggested Patryn should step down before the confirmation vote. 87.56% were against keeping 0xSifu in charge of the protocol’s assets.

Next, a vote was held on the proposal to dissolve the project and return funds to investors. He was supported by over 34%, at the moment the figure was higher. Sestagalli wrote:

“The Wonderland experiment is coming to an end. According to the voting results, it is clear that the community is split. It is the core and heart of the project. If we cannot agree on whether to continue or not, then we have failed.”

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