President of El Salvador Believes Bitcoin Will Grow

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The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has said that due to the limited emission of BTC, the rise in the price of the asset is only a matter of time. He said:

“There are more than 50 million millionaires in the world. Imagine when each one of them decides they should own at least ONE #Bitcoin But there will ever be only 21 million #Bitcoin No enough for even half of them. A gigantic price increase is just a matter of time.”

A user named Dr. Gokhan has doubted all millionaires would need the cryptocurrency at the same time, since there are thousands of altcoins:

“I am not against BTC and I am investor of it. But Real rich people knows that there is only one store of value is Land. Thats the why there were Landlords 1000 years ago, and There will be 1000 years later too.”

Among the commentators were those who reminded Bukele of other problems in the country. A user under the nickname LA Silva wrote about thousands of Salvadorans infected with the omicron strain of coronavirus.

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