A Telescope to Create NFTs is Launched in the Desert of Chile

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MerkleBot yesterday launched a remote-access standalone telescope in Chile’s Atacama Desert for imaging and NFT postcards, representatives of the project have reported.

To work with the telescope, users need the polkadot.js plugin. The telescope is triggered by a transaction and issues NFTs on the RMRK Singular platform on the Kusama network. The settlement takes place in the stablecoin STRGZN. The cost of one picture is 25 STRGZN.

MerkleBot representatives have noted:

“The telescope allows you to observe deep space, and its placement in the desert makes it possible to get the best images without glare from the sky from cities.”

The telescope is open daily from 03:00 to 09:00 CET time. The developers have added:

“The availability of the telescope depends on the weather conditions in Chile at the time of your request. This limits the number of NFTs that can be physically released.”

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