Banger Games Raises €10M to Create Blockchain Gaming Hub

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Startup Banger Games has recently raised €10 million to create a blockchain-based gaming hub that will provide interaction between gamers from different platforms and an additional layer of rewards.

Participants in the funding round include Avalanche, Shima Capital, GSR, Flori Ventures, Poolz Ventures, G20, Lucid Blue Ventures, Belobaba Fund, Squares Capital, CSP DAO, Halvings Capital, Oig Capital and BigCoin Capital.

The subscription amount in the round was limited to avoid the dominance of any of the investors.

Banger Games wants to create a single currency and economy for gamers.

According to the project CEO Borja Villalobos, the industry has experienced explosive growth in several directions at once, including cryptocurrencies, metaverses, virtual reality, independent publishing houses and the concept of Play-to-Earn.

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