Cosmos Developer Tendermint Renames to Ignite

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Tendermint, the company behind the Cosmos project, has recently changed its name to Ignite as one of the co-founders used the original name for their new initiative.

In 2014, Jae Kwon registered Tendermint. He left the company in 2020 to launch the Virgo project and “create the best open technology to work together” to address global issues such as climate change.

Pat Jung, who replaced Kwon as CEO of now Ignite, said the founder had regained ownership of the brand for the new company. The latter confirmed the launch of a project called Tendermint without revealing any details.

According to Kwon, in his search for a new brand, he was guided by something that would better clarify the essence of the mission of Cosmos. Kwon explained:

“As for Ignite, it is much closer to what Cosmos is. We are talking about a big explosion, a flash of new products on the technology of the project.”

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