Hackers Demand Nvidia Remove Hashrate Limit From its GPUs

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Hacker group LAPSUS$ has announced it is ready to disclose or sell 1 terabyte of stolen confidential data if graphics card maker Nvidia does not unlock mining restrictions in the new RTX 30 series, PC Gamer reports.

In the absence of a satisfying solution, LAPSUS$ will reveal circuits, drivers and other “very valuable to Nvidia” internal data. The group has explained it is acting this way to “help the community of mining and games.”

The attackers managed to maintain access to Nvidia servers with the administrator key for a week.

Since February 2021, Nvidia has released an updated Lite Hash Rate (LHR) line of RTX 3000 graphics cards, for which it has halved the power of the device when mining Ethereum. Thus, the company planned to focus the GPU on the needs of gamers.

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