Papa Johns Launches First Collection of NFTs

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Papa Johns has just announced it has launched its first collection of NFTs or non-fungible tokens as part of the metaverse’s biggest ever FREE NFT giveaway in the UK.  

The collection, which includes 19,840 NFTs made up of nine pizza hot bag inspired designs and will drop on several dates in early March, allows fans in the UK to get a slice of the NFT hype.

According to the announcement made by the company, pizza fans can get a slice of the NFT world and their hands on nine free hot bag designs – with names such as the ‘Papa 1984’ and ‘Papa Cheese Melt’ accessing the microsite:

The NFT Hot Bags collection has been minted on energy-efficient blockchain Tezos.

Professional NFT designer, Tom Hoff, has said on the launch:

“NFTs have exploded so quickly and yet many people are still unsure how to collect them, or believe that they come with big price tags. It’s great to see a brand like Papa Johns helping to make NFTs more mainstream and that two of my designs will allow people worldwide to enjoy them in the metaverse.”

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