Mining Startup Blockmetrix Attracts $43M

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US-based crypto mining startup Blockmetrix has raised $43 million in a Series B funding round.

According to the company, the participants include investors from the US, Australia and Asian countries.

Blockmetrix has reported that it will use the fund to expand the business, which includes the purchase of an additional 5,000 devices for mining.

The company has previously acquired more than 1,000 ASIC miners with Series A funding of $7 million. The total amount of capital received by the startup reached $50 million.

Blockmetrix co-founder and CEO Nevin Bannister said:

“The fastest scaling of our company has been our main prerogative from the very first day. We aim to maintain this momentum and meet industry demand as we move towards a possible third round of funding. We are grateful to our investors for their trust.”

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