Carnaval Becomes First Latin American NFT Marketplace to Mint on Bitcoin

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Carnaval, a project that combines NFTs, Bitcoin and talented artists of Latin America, has just announced that it has become the first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in Latin America to mint on Bitcoin.

According to the press release, Carnaval will mint NFTs with the help of Rootstock (RSK), an open-source platform hosting smart contracts and decentralized applications, and third layer protocol on Bitcoin RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF).

Carnaval has integrated RIF’s marketplace engine, which reduces time to market for decentralized marketplaces on Bitcoin. 

Carnaval has become thanks to these partnerships a marketplace of tradeable digital assets tokenized as NFTs on top of Bitcoin combines security and trustworthiness. The project has reported that it intends to launch a collection made of 210 unique art pieces minted as NFTs that are curated by Iberoamerican artists.

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, IOVLabs CEO and Co-Founder of RSK, Koibanx, the Argentine Bitcoin NGO and Bitcoin Latam NGO, has said:

Carnaval is one of the most exciting projects in the crypto world today. It combines NFTs, Bitcoin, and the most talented artists of Ibero America under one roof. This venture’s aim is also to set together physical and digital art that is highly curated by Carnaval itself and the most respected museums, art collectors, and gallery owners in the world. Carnaval is NFTs 2.0. This is why all those who buy any of the exclusive 210 art pieces from the Bitcoin Genesis Drop at Bitcoin 2022 at the same time will possess a piece of history.”

Carnaval co-founder Connie Ansaldi has added:

“I’m incredibly excited to be part of this game-changing experience: creating new financial tools built on top of NFTs. This is the shaping of Ownership 3.0. The shaping of a legacy of transcendence. And the most beautiful thing is that we are empowering talented artists as well as reaching new audiences for this art. This opens a rabbit hole as infinite as the imagination can go. And maybe…beyond that, If you wanna make history, you have to be part of the story.”

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