Wasabi Wallet Starts Blocking Doubtful Addresses

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Wasabi Wallet’s integrated Bitcoin mixing service CoinJoin has started to reject some unspent incoming transaction balances (UTXO).

It is worth mentioning that the measure will not affect those who apply to alternative coordinators.

The terms of use of the wallet imply the prohibition of illegal operations. The latest steps are aimed at their more active prevention.

One of the developers under the nickname BTCparadigm has written:

“We aim to protect the company and the project by minimizing the use of hackers and scammers. Trust me, none of us are happy about what is happening.”

Wasabi Wallet founder Adam Fiskor has acknowledged that CoinJoin has been blacklisted. He has said:

“I consider this a major barrier to the fungibility of bitcoin.”

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