dWeb Foundation Intends to Develop Sub-Level Domain Naming System on the Flare’s Blockchain

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The dWeb Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to usher in a free, open and censorship-resistant digitized future, has recently joined forces with Flare Network a part of the project’s ambition to develop a fully-decentralized, permissionless Internet built on blockchain.

The current Internet domains have a problem, and it is that these domains and the data stored on them are mainly controlled by big technological companies. As a result, users face privacy issues, single points of failure, centralization as well as lack of data sovereignty.

Thanks to Handshake Naming System (HNS), a read-write-own Internet built upon dWeb’s flagship decentralized technology, the control is re-democratized, which allows users to validate and manage the root DNS naming zone.

A part of the deal, Handshake will be integrating Flare’s smart contract functionality and infrastructure to host a sub-level domain (SLD) naming system. Flare will be used to anchor the TLD (to create domains such as .flare) and then issue the SLD (such as searchengine.flare) on the Flare blockchain.

Chjango Unchained, Executive Director of dWeb Foundation, said:

“The domain name market is slated to grow to a $1+ Billion industry by 2027. Handshake breaks open the traditional TLD namespace by creating a permissionless process of adding customizable TLDs to it. By building Layer 2 infrastructure on top of Handshake’s Layer 1, decentralized SLDs can accelerate that growth trajectory and possibly exceed it by orders of magnitude.”

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