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What Is ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange?

The digital era has seen a rise in the use of mobile apps and on-the-go services. Crypto mobile exchange apps are a great alternative for people in a hurry, travelers, and traders who don’t have the time to use online platforms.

ChangeNOW’s Mobile Exchange.

The ChangeNOW mobile app is considered one of the best mobile apps that let users buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrency coins and tokens safely. ChangeNOW’s app offers all the benefits of its online platform, which is known for its fast crypto conversions and limitless transactions. However, a mobile platform offers more convenience for people who live an active lifestyle. The app can be downloaded from both iOS and Android devices, giving users instant access to the ChangeNOW platform. 

Key Advantages of ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange:

  • Easy-to-use, seamless exchange of cryptocurrencies
  • Support for almost 400 assets 
  • A quick and easy way to stake and profit
  • Affordable transactions
  • Quick conversions
  • Live in-app support available 24 hours a day

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies 

ChangeNOW’s mobile exchange gives you access to almost 400 cryptocurrencies. All of these cryptocurrencies can be instantly exchanged for fiat or crypto at any time of the day. This list of cryptocurrencies is available for limitless swaps which means you don’t have to pay extra for transactions. All of these cryptos can be purchased through debit or credit cards. The most popular exchange pairs include:

●        BTC to ETH

●        BTC to LTC

●        BTC to DOGE

●        BTC to XRP

●        ETH to BTC

●        BTC to XMR

●        BTC to USDT

●        BTC to BNB

●        BTC to TRX

●        ETH to LTC

Among the 70,000 trading pairs available on ChangeNOW are rare and exotic combinations. You can choose a fixed rate to get the exact amount you want or a floating rate for more profitable exchanges.

How to Use ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange

1.      Download the ChangeNOW mobile crypto exchange app on your device by visiting the ChangeNOW website or searching for ChangeNOW in the Apple or Google Play Store. The app is free and requires no registration.

2.      You can access the platform to buy crypto with fiat. Fill in your exchange details or choose an exchange pair from the list provided. With almost 400 cryptocurrencies supported, you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you.

3.      When you decide which crypto you’d like, you’ll need a wallet. NOW Wallet is available as an alternative to another reliable wallet if you are facing difficulties obtaining one. 

4.      Make a deposit for the crypto you want. The platform offers one of the best exchange rates on the market, so you can trade with a fair exchange rate.

5.      Receive your crypto.

The exchange happens a few minutes after you use your Visa or MasterCard or another cryptocurrency, so there are no long waits or banking fees that usually come with EFT payments. You won’t pay any hidden fees after the transaction either. What you see is what you get and the estimated exchange rate includes all possible fees.

The mobile crypto exchange app also makes it easy to start staking. To stake crypto with ChangeNOW, simply go to your app and purchase NOW Token. This comes with affordable fees and allows you to stake a reward on the app. You can receive over 25% of the yearly reward through staking NOW tokens – the longer you hold the stake, the greater your reward will be.

Is It Worth Investing in Crypto? 

If you are willing to take a risk and have the funds to do so, crypto investment can be a good way for you to earn passive income. Long-term investments in crypto can be an affordable and possibly more profitable alternative to investments in traditional assets. Nonetheless, you should always do your own research and understand that there are risks involved.

It’s best to get financial advice from a crypto expert before you begin trading. In its official blog, ChangeNOW offers regular crypto advice to investors and users.

Bottom Line

ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange provides crypto users with immediate access to quick exchanges. It’s perfect for people on the go or those looking for a smoother crypto exchange experience. The app is easy to download and affordable – there are no hidden fees. You can choose a floating rate to make exchanges more profitable or a fixed rate to get the affordable rate you expect. The ChangeNOW mobile platform offers the same features as the web platform. They both offer secure transactions that protect users from scams and real-time exchanges to ensure they receive the best crypto rates.

If you’re ready to take advantage of seamless crypto exchanges, download ChangeNOW Mobile Exchange from the Apple or Google Play Store on your device today.


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