Vegas on Chain is Ready to Unveil its Crypto JackPot Project and Custom Web3 dAPP

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Vegas on Chain (VOC) is a next generation DeFi project with integrated dAPP that is accessible without a wallet on your phone, PC or tablet. Contract is fully automated and delivers both JackPot and ThePump AUTOMATICALY. This ensures transparency and functionality of project 24/7 and gives the best and fairest chances to win.

Vegas on Chain – win the JackPot!

Concept: Blockchain part

Problem with centralized platforms is trust – you cannot really be sure what odds are you getting, are cards being shuffled in fair a way, is roulette wheel spinning correctly and even if you manage to win somehow against all odds and cheats you can be banned. Crypto technology solves these problems by putting games of chance on the blockchain. This is it- no more unfair shuffling or bans, everything is done on blockchain and hard-coded in to the contract, all winnings and payouts are fully automated and decentralized.

No one won the JackPot? Everybody wins than

Concept: Vegas part

After visiting the fabulous Las Vegas and ourselves being lifelong blockchain enthusiasts we decide to create one-of-a-kind decentralized game, where percentage of every buy and sell goes to the JackPot, if there is no buys for 10 minutes last buyer wins the JackPot and if nobody wins the JackPot until it fills to 50 000$ – an event called ThePump happens, which means contract takes 30%  of the JackPot and does a single transaction buyback which in effect raises the token’s price significantly. Smart contract that is fully automated and enables anyone to win infinite number of JACKPOTS up to 50000$ each! Please refer to our whitepaper and socials for more details how game is organized and prizes won.

Combine VOC JackPot game with the ThePump and you get never ending FOMO.

About Vegas on Chain

Vegas on Chain is a cutting-edge approach to lotteries in general. It combines Blockchain technology and traditional lotteries in an intriguing way to deliver the best from both worlds:

  • Stake – can give up to 5000% APY and gives stability to the price forming a floor
  • JackPot – buys every 9 minutes or less guaranteed
  • ThePump – can’t win? Everybody wins than, buyback when JackPot hits 50 000$
  • Secure – project is audited by InterFi and team is KYC’ed
  • Tax to sustain and reinvest into the ecosystem
  • All the functionalities are here and ready before launch

Please refer to our socials for launch details.