Douchy By Design – DBAGs Soon To Take Over The Ethereum Blockchain!

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the soon-to-be arrival of Web 3.0 are taking the world by storm, blurring the boundaries between the physical world we know and love, and the one we seem to love more – the digital one. Even though the edges might be cloudy, one thing is clear – the Ethereum blockchain is the place to be. The future is unraveling before our eyes and Douche Venture Ltd. not only understands that but will soon practically own it, thanks to their game-changer: An upcoming project and immaculate NFT collection that are unlike any other.

What started as a couple of friends giving crash courses to one another, ended up being a six-person startup destined to revolutionize the world of NFTs with their future MintAndTrade platform. Their team of inspiring experts in finance and crypto, design, blockchain and web development, make a fully transparent company that keeps the development of code and art in-house, while proudly showing their identity. 

The MintAndTrade Platform

The MintAndTrade platform will enable creators from all walks of life to mint NFTs at low costs while receiving compensation, and is set to be announced to the world in stages.

Their four-step project starts with a DBAG utility NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Only 20,000 of them will come into existence and provide their holders with exclusive opportunities. Not only will they have voting rights on projects and platform initiatives, but will also hold other various benefits from staking their DBAG on the future platform, thus opening the doors to future investments and entries to win a percentage of the minting fees.

After years of hard work, their legacy will finally see the light of day on July 8th, 2022, at 7 PM EST with the release of their All Access Pass, available for 0.15 ETH.

This was a learning experience for everyone on the team. We all have different backgrounds and experiences and united together, we have been able to accomplish what many have failed to do. Our developers spent countless hours reading documents and discovering a new passion for smart contracts and blockchain technology. –