Manta Network and Acala Launch a Bridge Between Parachains

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Acala and Manta Network projects have recently opened an HRMP channel between the Karura and Calamari parachains in the experimental Polkadot-Kusama network.

According to the developers of the project:

“The opening of a new HRMP channel and the successful deployment of cross-consensus communication for connecting assets will ensure confidentiality and interoperability in both parachains.”

The developers of Polkadot launched in May the XCM messaging system, which allows communication between different parachains. While XCM is under implementation, projects use an “intermediate” protocol – HRMP.

The channel allows transferring aUSD stablecoins from Acala and Karura native tokens (KAR) between parachains.

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