Cube Carnival Launches to Foster Community Spirit

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The world’s leading Web3 blockchain, Cube Network, in partnership with its lead investor Huobi Global, has announced the launch of Cube carnival, a series of events aimed at thanking users and building the Cube community.

Starting June 18, Cube Network will offer a token airdrop pool worth US$10 million, in addition to a series of fun activities such as Gas for You, Super PrimeBox and Super CandyDrop, for users to participate in.

Inflation in the United States, accompanied by the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike this week has led to a decline in cryptocurrency prices worldwide. On June 15, the price of Bitcoin fell 7.3% within 24 hours to US$20,816, its lowest since December 2020. The price of Ethereum too, fell to about US$1,116 on the same day, its lowest since January 2021.

There are, however, outliers who defy market trends. Cube Network, the newly launched Web3 blockchain, stands as an example. Despite negative market sentiments, its testnet addresses have exceeded 1,200,000 and the number of on-chain transactions have exceeded 200,000 since its launch last week. In addition, the unit price of the Cube token (CUBE) rose for 7 days in a row, rising from 0.3 USDT to 15 USDT, a 50x increase.

The driving force behind any public chain’s success is its community. A cohesive community comprises a solid developmental roadmap and active users. Take Bitcoin, which owes a large part of its current success as a mainstream asset to the support received from both the developer community and users.

Building on its current success, the Cube carnival will be launched to drive closer ties within the Cube community, to further realize the chain’s ecological roadmap.

The Cube carnival comprises a series of events:

Part One: Gas for You

  • Event date: June 18, 2022

After creating a CUBE address, each user will receive 0.01 CUBE as the initial gas fee immediately after filling in the UID and CUBE on-chain address. This initial gas fee can be used to complete the first on-chain transaction.

Part two: Super Doubles Month

  • Event date: June 19, 2022

Users can join the Super PrimeBox & Super CandyDrop events on Huobi Global to grab win Cube tokens (CUBE) from each event. Each event will have a prize pool of 100,000 CUBE.

Users can perform PrimeBox x Cube special tasks by holding CUBE and transferring CUBE from Huobi Global to the Cube Network, in order to win reward cards.

Users are also guaranteed to win in the Super CandyDrop event. The rewards will be doubled for any Cube Network chain transfers. For this Cube x Super CandyDrop event, users who transfer their airdropped CUBE to the Cube Network will be rewarded with the same amount of CUBE.

Cube is fully committed to spearheading blockchain development and promoting healthy community cohesion. Cube carnival is but the first of many upcoming community events users and developers can look forward to in the near future.

  • For more information about the events, please click here.

About Cube

Cube is a high-performance, scalable and modular layer 1 public chain which is capable of supporting multi-chain and cross-chain architecture. Compatible with EVM and Cosmos ecosystems, Cube is actively committed to participating in the development of decentralized cross-chain protocols and Web 3.0 infrastructure to give users the next-generation multi-chain experience.