Hackers Used Spyware in Ronin Attack

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Hackers carried out the attack on the sidechain Ronin using spyware in a PDF document that one of the employees downloaded from a job offer letter from a non-existent company, The Block has reported.

According to sources, employees of Sky Mavis, the company behind the development of blockchain game Axie Infinity, were sent offers from a fake company on LinkedIn.

One of the engineers responded to the vacancy. After a series of interviews, he was sent a letter with an “offer” in the form of a PDF document which actually contained malware that infiltrated the Ronin network.

Then, the hackers took over 4 of the 9 validators and got access to the fifth through Axie DAO.

The Ronin sidechain, which is involved in Axie Infinity, was attacked in March. The attackers stole $625 million in crypto assets.

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