The Feetback NFT Collection to be listed on XT NFT

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The unique collection of feet NFTs of the Feetback project is soon to be listed on the XT NFT platform, making the 8888 NFTs discoverable to a wider global audience. This new listing is the fresh fuel needed to take the world of NFTs to the next level, elevating ever-demanding NFTs and metaverse enthusiasts on a worldwide scale. is listing the Feetback NFT collection on 1st August 2022 on its exclusive NFT platform, XT NFT. The NFT collection portrayed in the project contains images of a pair of feet showcased in exclusive designs. Both the Feetback and XT community can benefit from this new listing by trading NFTs at competitive prices and enjoying the benefits of the rare NFT collection. 

The Feetback project is an initiative taken by a couple of NFT enthusiasts who believe in their project. The name of the project simply means ‘the back of one’s feet’. By using these interesting pairs of feet, you do not only own the NFT itself, but you’ll be able to use it to buy land in the metaverse and possibly even in the real world in the future!

After gaining popularity with its unique traits and features, the project also aims to address humanitarian issues. Interestingly, 10% of the project’s profits from its promotional activities all go to charity projects. 

Jonathan Shih, the Head of MEA of stated, “We’d love to have the innovative project Feetback listed on our NFT platform. Along with catering to the metaverse buffs with its unique utilities and features, the project also supports humanitarian causes.”

About Feetback

Feetback is a collection of 8888 NFTs on the XT Smart Chain (XSC) that are unique in their properties. The NFT holders can access some interesting features that include owning land in the metaverse. The project also aims at supporting humanitarian efforts with its profits from the promotional activities. The vision of Feetback is to enable its users to even own their piece of land in the real world in the future. 

The Feetback project aims at enabling the users to leave their footprints in the metaverse and beyond in the near future. 

About XT NFT

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For start-up projects at an early stage of development, XT NFT provides end-to-end support such as white paper design and smart contract development. At the same time, the multi-functional secondary-market trading platform is available for developed projects to seek seed round investors, communities, and labor unions.