Crypto Funds Record 2nd Consecutive Weekly Outflow

Reading Time: < 1 minute

According to CoinShares analysts, the outflow of funds from cryptocurrency investment products from August 13 to 19 amounted to $9 million compared to $17 million a week earlier.

Trading volume ($1 billion) was the second lowest value this year and was 55% below the average.

We should note that an outflow of $15 million was observed in traditional Bitcoin funds. In structures that allow users to open shorts on BTC, an inflow of funds ($0.2 million) was recorded.

Receipts in Ethereum-based products ($3 million) continued for the ninth week in a row, but at a minimal pace. Despite increased interest ahead of The Merge on September 15-16, Ethereum funds have experienced a $296.8 million outflow since the beginning of the year.

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